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Author: Alma Perez

Mar 27, 2023

The signs of spring are here. Flowers are blooming. Trees are green, and the weather is warmer. At Northwest Trek Wildlife Park, we also have another sign to celebrate. Our black bears and grizzlies begin to emerge from torpor and let us know spring is indeed here! What is Torpor? We visited Keeper Haley to get the details. Torpor is a form of hibernation. True hibernation means an animal’s body shuts down and it goes dormant. An example is some species of frogs and bats; they have no activity in the winter. Torpor is a reduction in activity. It comes …

Mar 14, 2023

Even the mightiest birds under our care have routine health exams to ensure they remain in great shape. For the bald eagles, Sequoia, Sucia, Salish, and Cheveyo, this was preventative medicine in action. Having healthy birds allows Head Veterinarian Dr. Allison Case to focus on their continued wellness.  Keepers and the veterinary staff work seamlessly together to take each eagle to the veterinary clinic for exams. It’s a two-day process, and the team starts with Salish and Sucia. Sequoia and Cheveyo have their exams on the second day. Each bird traveled to the clinic fully awake, and after a careful, …