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Experience the awe and wonder of Northwest nature and wildlife up close.

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Over 40 species of native Northwest animals live in our wildlife park. Find out what's open and closed.

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We are located in Eatonville, central to Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia. Plan your experience.

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We Conserve Wildlife

Since 1975, Northwest Trek Wildlife Park has been the best place to see native Northwest wildlife. But we're also dedicated to conserving that wildlife for our planet. We've been recognized for over 25 years of high standards by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums. And we protect wild habitats with earth-friendly practices.

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Bugle boy! The otherworldly, high-pitched bellow echoes throughout Northwest Trek, marking the start of rut. During the breeding season, bulls put it all out there, bugling, locking antlers with other prospective males, and decorating their racks to mark them as the most attractive.

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Tune in for a bachelor battle for the ladies! Once elk rut (the breeding season) begins, the males disperse and are no longer friends. They’re each on a mission to prove they’re the strongest and most worthy mate.

Out in the Free-Roaming Area, the bachelors battle it out in a fierce show to collect the most cows (female elk). If you’re watching, you’ll hear bugling, see antlers clash, witness a leader declared, and see the ladies swoon (we think).

Don’t worry, once the elk rut is over the bachelors come together again and all is forgiven. Until next season.

#bullelk #elkrut #bachelor #elk #pnw #wildlife #nwtrek
This is the appropriate way to self-care, sunbathe, and relax🧖🏽‍♀️😌

#blackbears #pnwanimals
Rescued bald eagle Cheveyo sunning her wing. 🦅 Cheveyo was rescued in New York with a gunshot wound to her left wing, which had to be amputated.

📸: Keeper Becky
When you misplace your glasses to find them on your head... 🤣 Chip the beaver was snacking on maple browse when she found a little extra. 🦫🍁

📹: Keeper Wendi