Tram Tour

See bison, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goats and more on a Northwest Trek Tram Tour.

The 50-minute, naturalist-guided tram tour winds through 435 acres of meadows, woods, and lakes filled with native wildlife.

Be the first to spot the bison herd. In the spring, scout a bighorn ewe and her lamb in the meadows. Or in the fall, glimpse bull elk locking antlers as they tussle over a mate during the “rut” or breeding season.

A knowledgeable and friendly naturalist narrates the tour with fun animal facts and interesting stories about the park. 

Look closely: two new moose are loose! See if you can spot the moose calves released in April, 2013.

The now 500-pound male and 600-pound female arrived at Northwest Trek last summer as part of a three-state effort to save them after their abandonment and difficult starts to their lives. Our animal care staff worked to ensure their health and allow them to grow and gain weight during the fall and winter months.

Tram Tour Animals


Bighorn Sheep



Blacktailed Deer

Mountain Goat


Roosevelt Elk

Woodland Caribou

Trumpeter Swan