Discovery Tram Tour

Imagine riding a comfortable tram through 435 acres of meadows, woods, and lakes filled with native wildlife--bison, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goats and more--roaming freely across the land. Your tram driver is a knowledgeable and friendly naturalist who narrates the tour with fun animal facts and interesting stories about Northwest Trek. Every tram tour is different.

In the spring, scout a bighorn ewe and her lamb in the meadows. In the fall, glimpse bull elk locking antlers as they tussle over a mate during the “rut” or breeding season. You'll never see the same thing twice in a wild setting like Northwest Trek!

Tram tours are free with admission or membership.

If you love the Free-Roaming Area and want an exclusive chance to get a closer look, consider booking a Unique Experience! Ride in the back of a keeper's truck during a Keeper Tour or bring your camera to a Photo Tour for closer and better views of the animals. Registration is required for Unique Experiences.

What animals will YOU see?